Friday, July 4, 2008

Issue with Document upload in WSS 3.0 migrated site

This time I have one problem with which I have been struggling a lot but still I do not have any solution. If any one of you have the solution, please let me know.

Problem Statement:

The custom document library schema.xml is not being utilized completely in case of upload action.



We have migrated our custom site from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0. We have a custom document library and it was also part of the migration. After migration we have used "UseLegacyForm" attribute in all of our custom list/document libraries' schema.xml. Using this attribute we are able to keep our exists lookup and other functionalities unaffected. However we observed that in case of custom document library, when we try to request for "Upload Document" functionality in the service. The call is getting redirected to _layouts/Upload.aspx instead of Forms/Upload.aspx. That means that the content of our schema.xml is not being followed. Surprisingly the forms/upload.aspx page is invoked properly if we are creating a "New Folder". But whenever we try to upload the document the requested gets redirected to _Layouts/Upload.aspx instead of Doclib/Forms/Upload.aspx.