Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Using Fiddler with soapUI

As developers, Fiddler is one tool which helps a lot when it comes to tricky requests, response. Similarly soapUI is an excellent tool which helps you work with service calls interactively. Recently I was facing an issue within a particular service call from soapUI and when I tried to findout the response from Fiddler, I was surprise that it was not captured at all (despite of being remote service).

The reason why it happens is that Fiddler by default listens port 8888 on (You can verify this using  Tools > Fiddler Options > Connections). When the requests are being made from browsers etc, then this gets used correctly. In case of soapUI this needs to be explicitly configured.

To configure it in soapUI, goto File Menu in soapUI and select Preferences. Then select "Proxy Settings" tab and on the right side, enter values as

PORT: 8888

And do select the "Enable proxy" checkbox. Apply and now re-run the request. Now onwards all requests from soapUI would be tracked appropriately in Fiddler as well.