Sunday, November 6, 2016

Resolved - SVN Authentication error on Windows 10

Lately I got my windows 10 updates and after that to my surprise, the SVN stopped working for some reason. Everything else was looking good on the server, I was able to see the URL contents fine in the browser, but anytime I used Tortoise SVN it was failing. I thought it could be related to tortoise svn's incompatibility in Windows 10, so I downloaded command line svn, but still the same error is also seen as below.

svn: E170013: Unable to connect to a repository at URL - YOUR URL
svn: E120190: Error running context: An error occurred during authentication

This was happening for a laptop which is not connected to the main domain and the network where the SVN resides. Looking at wireshark responses, I could see that there is an HTTP 403 error from server, but unable to understand why the client is not able to pass on the appropriate credentials. After long hours of searching finally came across a solution, through a Google Group conversation. Apparently this seems to be happening due to this Windows 10 update. As you can see there are several options suggested there, but the the solution which worked for me was to run below command in command prompt

runas /netonly /user:domain\username cmd

Enter the password for domain\username:

This basically opens another command prompt but this time with the context of that domain user. (Note - The machine does not have to be part of the domain or network where svn is running).

Once the new command prompt opens, you should be able to run command line commands to checkout etc.