Saturday, January 12, 2008

System policies must have full control !!

I have been trying hard with a problem with the search service. Here is the problem definition. While using Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Search Service, when you try to start the search service instance on webserver, it throws error "System policies must have full control". And this is the solution that worked for me: I digged into all kind of books, technical references. There may be several different reasons behind this error and solutions defer from situation to situation. But the in my case problem was with the Service Account and Content Access account. I was trying to start the search service using credentials of Farm Administator. However it has been explicity mentioned on Microsoft Techcenter, that the content access account and service account MUST NOT BE farm administrator. I got this reference from here: . I just created a seperate domain account and used that as service & content access account. That's it!!! The search service started working very smoothly. Hope this helps you. Happy programming :-) [Please note: This solution/comment is based on personal experience and may not be authentic. This solution does not guarantee that it would react the same way anywhere else. You can refer to product documentation and authorized websites for more information.]

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